Sustainable Asphalt Production

Oscorp Engineering is proud to be part of a world first sustainable asphalt production and laying trial process. For the trial in Norwell Motorplex V8 supercars race facility, the laid asphalt was produced by Austek’s Asphalt Plant which used liquid fuel sourced from recycled tyres to heat up the asphalt plant and the asphaltic mix also included Carbon sourced from the same tyres recycling process.

Pearl Global Pty Ltd offered the most advanced and sustainable tyres recycling process in the world where the final recycled products consist of carbon, liquid fuel and high tensile steel with zero wastes and minimal greenhouse gas emissions. 

For every 1 tonne of asphalt produced, 10 vehicle tyres are recycled within the asphalt mix driving towards carbon neutral asphalt production. The asphalt production process requires lesser virgin resources e.g. diesel, bitumen, and virgin quarried aggregates. This means that around 1.6 million local Queensland tyres will be recycled and reused on and in the manufacture of local Queensland roads using Yatala’s Austek’s asphalt plant.

Adding hydrocarbons via activated carbon improves the asphalt strength, colour and also durability. Beyond avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, this process also reduces natural resource depletion and adverse impacts from mining / quarrying. The final asphalt product is cost competitive, sustainable, durable, improves stiffness and offers enhanced compaction ability in the field

Oscorp Engineering thanks our Industry partners Paul Morris (Norwell Motorplex), Austek Asphalt and Pearl Global for working together in offering world’s best sustainable asphalt supply and lay practices. The asphalt production and laying trials were completed in the Gold Coast, Australia for a race track section which is constantly subjected to high shear forces by the V8 cars.

Oscorp Engineering would also like to thank the City of Gold Coast, Brisbane City Council, the Queensland Department of Main Roads, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Sunshine Coast Council, Logan City Council, Ipswich City Council, Ventia and all guests who attended this event.

Special thanks to Paul Morris and Russel Ingall who are V8 supercars champions and also to my hero Mick Doohan who is an Australian legend with 5 world titles.