Pavement laser Profiling & Digital Imaging

Oscorp system consists of modular components and software, with Class 1 Inertial Profilers consisting of 15 fully integrated lasers (for full transverse highway measurement) and of two Laser Profilometers, Class I, Inertial Profilers for use in construction control surveys and large scale network surveys (or whenever high accuracy roughness data is required).
Oscorp laser pavement data collection system can be used to collect a wide range of asset and condition data, which includes:

  • Roughness surveys.

  • Measure pavement profiles (continuous measurements of longitudinal and transverse profiles, rut depth and macro texture).

  • Travel time and congestion surveys.

  • Condition rating surveys.

  • Inventory surveys.

  • Moving traffic surveys.

  • Video log surveys.

  • Recording the location of digital photographs.

  • Creating voice records which are associated with road attributes.

  • Collecting GPS/GNSS data.


  • Invisible laser fires vertically at surface at sampling speed.
  • Internal optical target senses reflected spot.
  • Height of spot related to its horizontal position on the target.
  • For roughness the laser samples at 16kHz.
  • The Laser is designed specifically for road measurement applications. The dynamic range is a large ± 128 mm, important to prevent data clipping due to suspension movement.
  • Triple high speed Analogue to Digital Converters are used with high 16-bit resolution.
  • There is no skew between channels during sampling – channels are sampled simultaneously.
  • Data all fully controlled from software so can be used simultaneously with other instruments like GPS, Video, and Rut Depth with TPL etc. Also only one calibration required for distance measurement instrument (DMI) for both Laser input.
  • Laser Safety features include – Mechanical shutter to isolate the laser beam – Keyed switch to power Laser – Configurable low speed cut-off to laser activation input.
  • The laser and accelerometers are both contained in an IP65 rated housing.