Goldcoast City Council


The City of Gold Coast (Sep to Dec 2013)

In 2013 the City of Gold Coast commissioned (CoGC) Oscorp Engineering to complete FWD testing for various pavement investigation and rehabilitation projects within its boundaries. Back calculation analysis was also undertaken for Falconer Street, Southport to investigate and evaluate its structural performance.

The Engineering Directorate commissioned Oscorp Engineering to undertake a comprehensive review to advise on the current functionality of the Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation Pavement Management System (known as SMEC PMS) and for recommendations to improve its operations, performance and efficiency.

The report highlighted the findings from the systematic SMEC PMS review with a strategic focus on management of two billion dollars Council’s road pavement assets. The report

examined data collection frequency, methods, quality, SMEC PMS functionality, the degree to which modelled analysed and the accuracy of the current information.

The findings from the review presented a number of recommended improvement actions for the SMEC PMS to meet current levels of service and pavement management best practice in accordance with Council’s Asset Branch Annual Plan 2013-2014. The recommended improvement actions also estimated resources requirements.